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Cold Storage, KLCC: The Fresh Food People Get Even Fresher

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – This year, we’ve seen a whole host of revamped grocery shopping concepts that are all-encompassing. Our city is now flush with novel and creative ideas that cater to a new breed of shoppers. With high foot traffic in KLCC, it’s no surprise Cold Storage chose that location as the launchpad for their entry into this new era of convenience.

Cold Storage has been in operation in Malaysia for over half a century. So, it’s difficult to dispute that they know what they’re doing where produce is concerned. With supermarkets such as Mercato, Jasons Food Hall and Giant under their umbrella, everyone is looked after. Their new KLCC store is a good sign of things to come, and here’s why.

The Hours

Open from 7:30am to 10:00pm, they certainly know how to keep people happy. At that hour of the morning, the trek to KLCC and back won’t take you very long if you’re in need of an urgent restock.

More importantly, if you work in the area, it gives you far more options to avoid skipping meals. Or the most important meal of the day – coffee!

If you can’t actually make a trip, Happy Fresh offers delivery from their flagship store within a 30 km radius.

Educating the Consumer

It’s all well and good when you carry infinite fresh produce, but what do we do with it?

If you’re new to cooking, or you’re encountering an ingredient for the first time, all you need to do is scan the QR code located alongside the item and it will give you a ton of information on what it’s benefits are and what it can be used for.


Convenience is key, and while their ready-to-eat range has always been excellent, there’s now so much more.

From coffee to cold-pressed juices, to Sangkaya (coconut ice-cream) if you’re in need of treat.

You’ll even be able to find an array of choices for any meal of the day. Granola for breakfast, curry for lunch, roast chicken for dinner?

You’re sorted in a single trip.

Taste of Asia

Something sorely lacking in these major chains is a fully stocked Asian section.

Cold Storage has rectified this with their Taste of Asia section. It will get you all set to try those recipes you’ve tucked away but never found the ingredients for.

Malaysian staples such as premium bird’s nest are also available, making this a one-stop shop if you’re looking for a spectrum of pantry staples and gifts.

Wine and Dine

We can’t reiterate enough just how vast the selection is, and we’re thrilled by the varied alcohol selection. Alongside taste-testing a whole line-up of produce at any given time, you’ll be introduced to new pairings such as Jameson and ginger ale (that’s now ongoing).

Revamping Drug Store Sushi

You’ve heard it a million times – grocery sushi is a no-no. But we’re saying, “Yes, please. And more!” to the fact that an entire blue fin tuna is flown in every couple of weeks and sliced to perfection on the spot.

Between the selection, and the fact that they are exclusive stockists of certain brands (Waitrose and Casino), we’re really hoping this concept is rolled out to the rest of their stores nationwide.

It helps that the layout is far more spacious, as well. – The Binge


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