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Our Favourite Advent Calendars of 2017

It’s here! The day we finally get to pop open the first door on our advent calendar(s). But this year, we’re not limiting ourselves to one. At The Binge, we try to live up to our name; and that’s why we have five. One for every type of enthusiast out there.

We’re a day in, and it’s still not too late to start ripping into a newly acquired calendar.

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (RM149)

We’re counting down to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and this is the only thing tiding us over until then. Containing seven minifigures and one special festive figure, what’s not to love?

Jo Malone London Advent Calendar (GBP300)

Every year, we look forward to Jo Malone‘s advent calendar because it’s the best way to try a range from the brand. There are no surprises this year, but the range of fragrances and candles would leave anyone who loves the brand utterly thrilled.

Aldi Wine Advent Calendar (GBP49.99)

With Aldi winning awards for their wine, this is a must-have for anyone who wants a bit of a boozy lead-up to Christmas (i.e. everyone). Twenty 187ml and four 200ml bottles later, you’ll be glad you got someone to lug this back from the UK for you!

Fortnum & Mason Advent Calendar (GBP25)

Fortnum & Mason does amazing everything, and the obvious choice would be their confectionery advent calendar. But until Yorkshire Tea comes out with their very own, this has our vote!

Wedgwood Advent House (GBP12,000)

Oh yes, you read the price correctly! This is off-the-chain over-the-top, and we’d sell a kidney for it. Not only is it handcrafted and made to order, inside you’ll find beautiful ornaments that are meant to be heirlooms.

Of course, we’ve gone all out with the traditional foodie advent calendars, but we’ll spare you our impending heart disease. – The Binge

Pictures are courtesy of the respective brands.


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