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KL’s Latest Wine Bar Gets to The Point

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – The rise of ‘new world’ wines, such as those from Australia, has been swift and decisive. Few wine bars these days focus solely on more traditional wine producing regions, but The Point aims to counter this.

Conceptualised by wine lovers to get ready access to their personal favourites (could there be a better reason?), The Point’s newly renovated Wine Bar can be found above the restaurant it’s best known for. Showcasing over 350 wine labels, it’s a place to explore wines you would never have dreamed of.

A Wine Lounge

The space comes off as more of a lounge than a bar with its understated, chic decor. No more so when you check out their private dining area that can be cordoned off for some privacy.

The Point’s overarching goal of exposing Malaysians to all things wine is incredibly successful because they’re able to keep their bottles affordable. It helps that they’re distributors for many of these brands, as well as other wine paraphernalia.

From sabrage (using a saber to open a bottle of champagne that started with Napoleon), to perfecting the art of enjoying wine with the appropriate stemware and uncorking tools; The Point’s Wine Bar is where you’ll experience it all first hand.

Wine for the Novice and the Enthusiast

With such a wide variety of wine available at The Point, there’s something for everyone. If you’ve yet to find the wine that suits your palate, this is where you would go to explore because you can try a variety of wines without burning a hole in your pocket.

With something they refer to as ‘The Wine Bible’ at your disposal, you’ll get a rundown of what’s on the list and why you might enjoy it.

In fact, we’re rather taken with the elegant Gabriel-Glas stemware; a brand that The Point is proud to hold the sole distributorship for.

The signature shape allows the wine you’re drinking to develop to its fullest potential. Even if you’re new to wines and these nuances are lost, like us you can still appreciate just how beautiful these are.

What we found so intriguing about our time at the Wine Bar was just how much we learned based on sight alone.

From colour, to the fact that distilling and decanting methods have changed drastically in the last few decades; the appearance of the wine itself is incredibly educational. For example, opening a bottle of wine from 1971 (which we were gleefully treated to), taught us that wines weren’t filtered as studiously back them.

The bottle of Château Carbonnieux 1971 retails for just shy of RM400 (USD97.41), which is extremely reasonable considering it’s upwards of 40 years old.

You could just walk in and pick a bottle on your own; but if you’d like a bit of a guided tour, there are monthly wine tastings available.


We can’t ignore the fact that The Point is famous for its food, and the menu extends to the third floor where the Wine Bar is.

The fare has been consistently excellent throughout the years, and we can’t recommend their menu enough.

The Point Restaurant & Bar

122, Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2011 8088

The Point’s Facebook

We were guests at The Point for this review, but that in no way influences the opinions expressed here.


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