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Markthalle Fave: Tata’s Muffles

BERLIN, Germany – It seems everywhere we go these days, there’s a new food trend. It can be quite overwhelming especially when you’re presented with way too many choices. In Berlin, however, there’s one dessert that we can’t possibly miss every time we visit Markthalle NeunTata’s.

The muffle, a cross between a muffin and a waffle, is Tata’s signature dessert that people keep coming back for.

Tata’s muffles are served with sweet toppings like marshmallows and candy sprinkles. Sauces are also drizzled inside. During the summer, you can also add on some frozen yogurt with the muffle as your decked-out cone. Sinful; but so satisfying. Our favourite here at The Binge is the Nutella muffle with some frozen yogurt and marshmallows on top. The applesauce muffle? Definitely a close second.

These muffles have been making their rounds at street food markets since 2015, but have found a more permanent home in Berlin’s Markthalle Neun Street Food Thursdays and Kulturbrauerei‘s Streetfoodaufachse on Sundays.

The Berlin street food icon was founded by friends who wanted to produce a taste-intensive dough. One that’s delicious even without toppings and fillings. This, we believe, they have achieved as the egg waffle that makes up half of it is indeed delicious on its own. Yes, we’ve tried it. It’s also good to note that the muffles have no additives. That’s quite comforting when you’re loading up so much sweetness, no?

The muffles have also been adapted to street food culture. Instead of being served flat with the toppings artfully arranged on top, they’ve been rolled into cone-like shapes. This makes it a breeze, and easier to pile on the toppings while walking and exploring the rest of the street food markets.

Tata’s Berlin

Streetfood Thursday at Markthalle Neun
Every Thursday
Eisenbahnstr. 42/43
17:00 – 22:00

Kulturbrauerei at Streetfoodaufachse
Every Sunday
Sredzkistrasse 1, Prenzlauer Berg

Come For:

  • The Nutella muffles
  • The frozen yogurt that’s got great consistency


  • The line by coming as soon as it opens


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