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Your Weekend Sorted: Quivo’s Unity Fiesta

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Quivo is celebrating their third anniversary with a three day food festival this weekend. Don’t miss the food, drinks, and music that will run from noon to midnight, Friday to Sunday (6-10 October, 2017).

We did the test run this afternoon, and here’s a rundown of why you need to check it out for yourself.


If you’ve never heard of Quivo, you’re missing out. Owned by the Valiram group, it exudes the quality of all the brands under their umbrella. Not only is the restaurant chic and inviting; but the food takes on a delightfully unexpected edge as well.

All the dishes served up at the Unity Fiesta are menu items, barring the sashimi which is a special little treat for the occasion. With smaller portions on offer, it gives you a chance to eat your way through their menu over the course of the weekend.

Purchases are made on a pre-purchased coupon basis, so if you’ve eaten your fill for the day, you can come back and still use your coupons anytime during the weekend.


It wouldn’t be a fiesta without alcohol, and this weather is tailor-made for Mojito (RM15, USD3.54) season! It’s the most refreshing start to take us through the abundance of food; and we highly recommend it.

Other Aperetifs (RM15, USD3.54) are available as well, alongside cocktails like the Classic Magarita (RM20, USD4.70) and Bloody Mary (RM10, USD2.36).

For the ultimate Instagram-worthy accessory, opt for the Classic Sangria (RM15, USD3.54). We can vouch for the drinks in terms of strength and flavour, so don’t skip these booths!

If you don’t drink, Iced Tea, Lemonade, and Juice (RM5, USD1.18 each) are also available, but we highly recommend you try their Coffee (RM5, USD1.18).

Hot or iced, you can’t go wrong at Quivo. They use a blend of beans that’s specifically curated for them that results in a wonderfully smooth cup. We’d pop by just for a cuppa if you’re in the area.

A Foodie Paradise

Of course, you’re going to want to come by for the food. We can safely say we have yet to attend an event with food stalls that is this successful at maintaining quality. You’ll want everything, and then to go back for seconds!

What’s really exciting is the array of cuisine and fusion dishes available, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

Start out with the Sashimi (RM25, USD5.90). You’ll be spoilt for choice with Ikejime Pearl Grouper, Ikejime Seabass, or Ikejime Red Snapper, and it’s surprisingly fresh considering it’s an outdoor food fair.

Not a fan of raw fish? Opt for the fried seafood options. Fish and Chips (RM15, USD3.54), Calamari (RM10, USD2.36), and Shrimp Popcorn (RM10, USD2.36) are battered and fried up on the spot when you place your order.

We still can’t get over just how fresh and sweet the seafood at this fair is!

If it’s carbs you’re after (we know we always are), their Moroccan Lamb Paella and Green Curry Chicken Risotto (RM20, USD4.72 each) will truly hit the spot. We’re particularly fond of the risotto as it’s just such a wonderfully novel flavour profile.

It wouldn’t be a fiesta without finger food. Lamb/Chicken Tacos, Crab/Beef Sliders, Mini Falafel Burgers (RM15, USD3.54 each)? You’d be remiss not to give each of these a try.

Our addiction was to the grill! Tender offerings of Angus Striploin and Lamb Chops (RM25, USD5.90) are THE must haves! They come with an array of sauce options, but we didn’t feel the need to dilute the excellent flavour on either.

Don’t forget to venture into Quivo itself (mostly because that’s where the coffee is), because there’s a Pizza (RM15, USD3,54) oven in there!

We wouldn’t skip the Chicken Qeema Pizza if we were you. The size is perfect for you to scarf down before anyone makes you share!


The only reason we skipped seconds is because we were keeping room for dessert.

To beat the heat, six flavours of Gelato (RM10, USD2.36 per scoop) are available, but we opted for cake instead.

Their Mini Pastries (RM10, USD2.36 each) were not really mini, but extremely satisfactory portions.

There’s nothing we wouldn’t recommend, but the Coffee Cake was our standout favourite.

Little cups of Tiramisu, Cheesecake and more are also available; and just as indulgently lovely.

Check out the gallery below for more pictures of Quivo’s Unity Fiesta:

This is one food fest you don’t want to miss because there’s nothing that was subpar. Our suggestion for your strategy is to go in a group and get at least one of everything! – The Binge


Lot 03.09.02, Level 3 Pavilion KL
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang

We were guests at Quivo for this review but that in no way influences the opinions expressed here. 


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