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Cathay Pacific Embraces a New Era with The Sounds of Travelling Well

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Sensory memory is a very real thing that we experience. As each individual sense comes together as a whole to form a complete memory, stimulation of the individual senses can trigger such memories.

This is why it’s so intriguing that Cathay Pacific has focused on the auditory aspects of memory in their latest campaign, The Sounds of Travelling Well.

The campaign commemorates a new era of a growing relationship between Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon to bring travellers a premium, more seamless and memorable experience on their journey.

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The Sounds of Travelling Well

Featuring Bella Kuan, the campaign is centered around a music video comprised entirely of the sounds found on a journey through Asia.
“You can tell that you don’t always focus on details when you travel. It’s such a surprise that when they put the sounds together. It can be so beautiful,” Kuan tells The Binge.
It’s a difficult idea to grasp because it’s so far from the norm of what we’re used to. We enjoy the beauty and experience of the destination, but forget to take notice of what occurs along the way.
There are many different types of travellers, and each experiences the process of travelling differently. So often we take travel for granted. It’s easy to forget that just 50 years ago, it was an unattainable experience for most.
“When it comes to music and sound, there’s no limit.”
On your next journey, instead of whizzing through customs and duty free, take note of your surroundings and what catches your ear. It might just win you two tickets on Cathay Pacific to an Asian destination of your choice.

The Contest

A weekly contest open to residents of Malaysia will be held between July 25th and August 21st, 2017. All you have to do is submit a sound clip that embodies your most memorable travel experience to the campaign website

A pair of flight tickets to a destination of your choice in Asia will be up for grabs each week. 

So what are you waiting for? Where will your next flight take you? – The Binge


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