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Travel Like a Boss: Tumi’s 19 Degree Collection

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Travelling for work is serious business. Yet it doesn’t have to be a chore with the right tools at hand. In fact, the experience of living out of a suitcase can be a breeze with the right bag for the purpose. TUMI has always been in the business of making the travelling life easier and with the new 19 Degree Collection, frequent travel can be about comfort and style, too.

Function and form are brought together in one neat package. With the 19 Degree collection, these travel cases think ahead for the baggage needs of the frequent traveller. The Binge explored the new TUMI bags at the brand’s Pavilion roadshow and came away with a new admiration for this jet-setter’s workhorse.

Tumi - 19 Degree - Valiram - luggage - suitcase - travel - luxury - style - business traveller

According to the GBTA, there have been a staggering 488 million business trips in 2015 for the US alone. We can only imagine that this figure has increased since then; now that flying is so accessible and the business world is so global. Even then, these statistics are only for the US so the volume of business travel on a global scale is easily in the multi-billions.

With this increased frequency of travel – a reliable travelling bag will be all the more important. TUMI’s 19 Degree Collection enables a convenient ensemble of traveller’s essentials. It’s also a collection that makes for a more organised life on the road.

Every Trip Begins With The Packing

When you travel as much as the average business traveller does, the journey begins with the chore of packing. A bag that makes this job easier will be critical to a positive experience.

Tumi - 19 Degree - Valiram - luggage - suitcase - travel - luxury - style - business traveller - polycarbonateTumi - 19 Degree - Valiram - luggage - suitcase - travel - luxury - style - business traveller - polycarbonate

Bags in the TUMI 19 Degree Collection are created with an intelligent design concept in mind. It’s a goal that starts at the interior of each TUMI bag.

  • Each bag splits evenly for an even packing experience.
  • A built-in Hanger Bracket gives you easy access to your  essential wardrobe.
  • Internal Dividers make packing sensible and easy. Partition your belongings so you can stay neat while on the go. The inclusion of a removable side makes it easier to adjust the bag to your needs.
  • A Stash Pocket Bag keeps smaller belongings in place

We were excited that the interior layout was so well thought out. It’s the type of bag system that fully encourages neatness as a way of life. Even if you aren’t neat!

Smooth Operator

It’s one thing to be well-packed but another thing to have a travel case that makes mobility a breeze. The TUMI 19 Degree bags come in lightweight but durable casings – polycarbonate and now, in aluminum, too.

The aluminum frame range is TUMI’s first-ever with this metal and possesses exclusive features beyond the polycarbonate TUMI range.

Words that came to mind when we experienced them at the roadshow were sleek and attractive, durable and lightweight.

The 19 Degree aluminum bags are reinforced at all corners, and possess a wheel system that moves comfortably with natural human movements so it’s a bag that feels very comfortable in hand as you walk.

In spite of all these features, not much is added by way of weight. One can safely bring along all the essentials without too much concern that the bag itself is weighty.

One of the problems we often have with our generic luggage is that the handles fail us mid-trip, long before the body ever shows signs of giving away. The TUMI adopts an X-Brace 45 Handle made of lightweight but sturdy, aircraft-grade aluminum tubes. It’s leather-wrapped too, and feels luxurious to the touch.

Tumi - 19 Degree - Valiram - luggage - suitcase - travel - luxury - style - business traveller

We believe that good wheels are the pinnacle of any great luggage system. And in the TUMI, we found one smooth operator. We put the TUMI through a 360 degree twirl and it did not squeak or catch thanks to a set of Dual-Spinning Recessed Wheels.

For the smart set of wheels on the TUMI alone, we would trade in all of our clumsy, old bags.

Price Point Matched by Luxury Quality

Now, the price point is high – with a single TUMI 19 Degree polycarbonate case commanding upwards of RM3, 300 (US762.74); and the aluminum 19 Degree bags are more, but it’s a bag with all the trimmings of a premium baggage experience.

“We felt our customer deserved a better design and an overall better product that not only performs, but looks cool while performing.” said TUMI Creative Director, Victor Sanz.

The TUMI luggage system isn’t for the fiscally-challenged but it’s hard to deny that it is one of the most impressive collections on the market. For the traveller who wants to bypass the stress of luggage woes and look like a boss while doing so, a 19 Degree bag will be hard to pass up.

If money is no object, the TUMI suitcase is a bag that look will amazing, perform intelligently and add a luxury touch to the challenges of frequent travelling.

To see more of the TUMI 19 Degree Collection, check out our gallery below, or visit a TUMI store. – The Binge

Images without watermarking are courtesy of TUMI. All other images remain the property of The Binge.


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