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Marvel Goes the Safe Route with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

If you’re weighing up whether Marvel‘s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is worth the weekend rush, look no further. The Binge breaks it down for you whether you’ve a fan of the comics, or haven’t seen the first movie.

The second installment of Guardians of the Galaxy is a blatant attempt to appeal to the nostalgia of 80’s/90’s babies, and it does this very, very well. Your kids probably won’t understand most of the movie, so you can safely leave them at home or with their grandparents (who also won’t appreciate this for what it is).

And that’s really all there is to this. You will watch this simply because on any given night/weekend you and your buddies in your 30’s/40’s, have 20 bucks in your pocket, and a few hours to kill. And it will probably be the best 20 bucks you spent all week. It will push all the right buttons to make it a fun little romp.

Snappy one-liners, good action sequences and a pace that will make you feel that you are getting your money’s worth. It is rife with 80’s meta humor, inside jokes and it is full of typecast actors. In short, it is the Marvel version of ‘The Expendables’ and because of that you will struggle to remember exactly what happened two weeks from now.

The movie makes it abundantly clear that both it and its characters do not take either themselves nor the events that transpire very seriously. Life and death situations are framed with upbeat 80’s music, and the constant bickering of the characters makes it hard to believe that they are in any real peril.

It is also full of plot holes, yet even if you do notice them it won’t matter because it is extremely unlikely that most of the plot points from this movie will carry on into any future sequels. Under normal circumstances, all of the above would probably be a bad thing, but this movie makes it fun to watch at least once.


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