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This Makeup Artist Recreated Sailor Moon Characters and We’re Amazed

Almost every Sailor Moon fan’s childhood dream was probably to be able to transform themselves into their favourite senshi. A makeup artist was able to do just that, sans the transformation wands and brooches used by the characters. Using makeup and a variety of wigs, she has floored us here at The Binge with her skills.

The artist is Regina or @picturresque on Instagram. She’s ultra-talented and has been creating jaw-dropping makeup looks online for quite some time. Aside from her series on the well-loved animé Sailor Moon, she’s also transformed herself into Audrey Hepburn for Breakfast at Tiffany’s. On the regular, she posts about doing glam makeup looks that scream talent from every angle.

For the Sailor Moon series, she says that it took her half a year to plan and accummulate all the things she needed for the 10 characters she re-imagined. There’s no doubting her dedication to this project!

Regina created three looks for each character – one in human form, one as a sailor scout, and one as a modern, more mature version of the characters. Scroll down to see them all! You know you want to!

Sailor Moon

Her Usagi Tsukino is seriously on point! We just love the periwinkle blue liner that she used for the modern version of Usagi, too. Just in case you’re wondering, it’s Inglot’s Gel Liner in number 70.

Sailor Mercury

Regina admits that Ami Mizuno wasn’t her favourite character while growing up. She did portray the genius of the group pretty well, though! After seeing this, we somehow felt that we needed sexy, blue brows!

Sailor Mars

Her Rei Hino interpretation is just perfection. We also can’t help but be drawn to her gorgeous lashes on her version of modern, grown-up Rei. She says she got them from Aliexpress. You’re welcome.

Sailor Jupiter

Regina admits that it’s actually Makoto Kino who’s her favourite and we’re pretty sure she did her proud. Makoto is the tallest and the strongest in the group. However, she also has a domesticated side and you can see that in these looks! Sweet yet powerful.

Sailor Venus

This look, Regina says, is the most challenging of the bunch as she finds it a little harder to work with blonde hair. Again, we’re loving her modern version of Minako Aino!

Sailor Uranus

Haruka Tenou is a character that was ahead of her time. When the lesbian character appeared on Sailor Moon, a show targeted at such a young audience in the 90s, her relationship with Sailor Neptune (Michiru Kaiou) was censored in some countries! She’s definitely an icon and these looks simply knock it out of the park. We’re loving the lip colour used for the look representing her human form. Regina says it’s actually a mix of Sleek’s Birthday Suit and Zoeva’s All is Calm.

Sailor Neptune

Don’t you just love the colour of her wig? It’s just how we imagined it, while growing up as fans of the show. We’re also living for Michiru’s glow in these photos.

Sailor Pluto

Setsuna Meiou is definitely a well-loved character. Partly for her amazing, time travelling powers and partly because she’s just plain gorgeous. We love how Regina re-imagined her hair for the modern look too.

Sailor Chibi Moon / Black Lady

Chibi Usa is definitely a divisive character in the fandom. It’s either people totally love her or just hate her guts. But there’s one thing that fans agree on – Black Lady is gorgeous! Yes, we’re saying this despite the fact that she tried to get it on with her dad. We still find that a little troubling though.

Sailor Saturn

There’s no denying the Hotaru is one beautiful character with her sleek bob and mysterious personality. That goth-chic look is definitely a winner.

Sailor Sun/ Sailor Galaxia?

Lastly, Regina also created a look for a character that she imagined – Sailor Sun. Although we truly believe that she can also fit the bill for Sailor Galaxia, the villain who appeared on Sailor Moon Sailor Stars.

What do you think of Regina’s work? Let us know in the comments section below! – The Binge

All images are from the @picturresque Instagram account.



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