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Tal Peleg: A Makeup Artist With An Eye For Movie Makeup

Fresh off the tail of awards season, we discovered a makeup artist who dabbles in movie-style makeup of a different kind. Israeli makeup artist, Tal Peleg, is a long way from Hollywood but she is the creative hand behind movie makeup designs that are worthy of an award in their own right. Peleg’s specialty is eye makeup and she takes creative eye shadow application to a level that’s all her own.

With an armoury of fine art brushes, face paints, and makeup, Peleg painstakingly details scenes from her favourite films (and books) onto her preferred but unusual canvas –  that area between the eye and the brow. What results is the mesmerising capture of fantastical images that come alive above the lid of a human eye – often, her own.

Starry-Eyed Lovers

Tal Peleg - eye makeup - eye shadow - makeup - artist - La La Land - Hollywood - love story

This starry-eyed capture of La La Land‘s sunset scene dazzles with plenty of glitter strategically applied to careful layers of dusky hues. A lick of yellow liner on the lower lash line is all it takes to synchronise the eye to the iconic dress worn by Emma Stone‘s character, Mia, and we’re transported to one of the film’s most memorable dance sequences.

Perfectly Tied-In Details

Tal Peleg - makeup - makeup artist - eye makeup - eye shadow - Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children - book - movie

Often, Peleg incorporates 3D materials to add dimension to her art. This scene from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, where Emma is tethered to Jake, is adorably re-imagined in miniature with the feature of an actual piece of string to stand in as the rope that keeps the light-as-air Emma safely within reach.

Dead Ringer for Deadpool

Tal Peleg - eye makeup - eye shadow - makeup - artist - Deadpool - Marvel - comicl

Peleg does not restrict herself to recreating scenes from fairy tales or love stories. This impression of Deadpool was so good that even Deadpool actor, Ryan Reynolds, praised the artist on his own Facebook timeline. The character’s head and weapons of choice were fashioned out of modelling wax to create an interesting 3D effect; as well as to achieve a neat and seamless look that’s uninterrupted by the brow.

A Scene That Is Alive As The Hills

Tal Peleg - makeup - artist - mua - Sound of Music - eye makeup - eye shadow

Anyone who has watched The Sound of Music will never forget that 360-degree pan of Maria belting out the title ballad across those lush Austrian hills. Peleg captures the moment of Maria’s rapture in full technicolor intensity over the lid of an eye and we love how the natural crease of the eye is cleverly used as the base for a rolling hill.

A Beautiful Beast Of A Design

Tal Peleg - Disney - Beauty & the Beast - Belle - Beast - Disney Princess - fairytale - love story - makeup - eye makeup - art - artist

As keen Disney fans, this might be one of our favourite looks by Peleg. On her minuscule canvas of eye to brow, Peleg paints a very beautiful Belle and a dashing Beast to perfection. We are charmed that the likeness of the characters in this ballroom scene to the Disney version of the story is right on the ball.

To discover more of Tal Peleg’s unique eye makeup style, check out the gallery below. You may also visit the artist’s official social media pages to see more Peleg’s creative journey.

Images are from Tal Peleg Art of Makeup Facebook

Instagram: @tal_peleg



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