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Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary: Projects, Collabs, and Crystal Season 4!

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Despite the Sailor Moon manga debuting only towards the end of 1991, 2017 is the official year chosen to celebrate the popular franchise’s 25th Anniversary. With this silver anniversary comes the official website‘s huge announcement – projects, collaborations, and even a new season of Sailor Moon Crystal.

We list here, what to expect when one of Japan’s most well-loved anime characters reaches a quarter of a century. If you’re a fan of Sailor Moon, read on to see what’s coming your way!

Sailor Moon Crystal – Season IV

First, the fourth season of the reboot Sailor Moon Crystal will be coming out. No actual date has been given yet but this is enough to get fans all over the world excited. After all, they’ve been waiting for about half a year now after that Pegasus teaser.


Despite the reboot being widely considered a failure during its first two seasons, the third instalment was able to turn that around. With the long wait for news and some big shoes to fill, there’s definitely high expectations for this season – especially from Chibiusa fans.

90s Anime in Blue-Ray

Along with the release of a new Sailor Moon Crystal Season, fans are also getting the 1992 anime – again. This time, they will be coming out in two, 23-episode Blu-ray volumes.

Coming out on June 14 and August 9 respectively, each volume will retail at JPY21,384 (USD188.16).

The Monster Hunter XX Crossover

Everyone’s favourite cat, Luna, will be appearing on the Monster Hunter XX Nintendo 3DS game. One of the characters, Airou, will be able to transform to Luna who uses a C Moon Neko Rod (which looks exactly like Sailor Moon’s Cutie Moon Rod) as her weapon.

Sera Myu (Musical)


Fans of the musicals, rejoice! Another one is set to come out in Autumn of this year.

Sanrio’s My Melody x Sailor Moon Collaboration


It looks like My Melody is getting a sailor soldier makeover this year with the announcement of a collaboration with Sanrio. The brand will be releasing special merchandise and, judging by fan commentary on the site, a lot of people are already looking forward to this.

Stick and Rod Moon Prism Edition

Every collectors’ dream to own an almost complete set of Sailor Moon’s wands has been made easy with the release of this limited edition set. We say almost because it would have been nice to have the Holy Moon Cálice in the set as an attachment to the Eternal Tiare. Those two, when put together, will form the Moon Power Tiare that was featured in the last season. Maybe for next release?

This set contains the Moon Stick, The Cutie Moon RodSpiral Heart Moon Rod, Kaleidomoon Scope, and – as previously mentioned – the Eternal Tiare. All of them in shiny, plated versions with stands.

The set is now available over at Premium Bandai for JPY7,560 (USD66.46).

Shiseido Maquillage x Sailor Moon


After several makeup releases from Creer Beaute, Shiseido‘s Maquillage line will soon be coming out with two products for fans. Dramatic Powdery UV and Dramatic Skin Sensor Base UV are both base makeup products that are said to give you a natural looking finish. News about the products say that the cosmetics will come in two shades.

The Dramatic Powdery UV gives light coverage and has a soft mousse texture that turns into powder once applied. Meanwhile, the Dramatic Skin Sensor Base UV is for people with oily skin who want their makeup to hold all day.

You can preorder them as a set (comes with a compact pouch and sticker) at Premium Bandai for JPY7,020 (USD61.72).

Fashion and Accessories

Japanese Department Store ISETAN (mid-March) as well as clothing brands Punyus (late April), and GU (late March) are set to come out with fashion pieces for the franchise. ISETAN has done this before and the products were well-received among fans.

Accessory brand Q-pot is also creating more Sailor Moon products for the 25th Anniversary project following two collection releases in 2015 and 2016.

The Fan Club Continues


Due to the popularity of Pretty Guardians  in 2016-2017, the fan club will continue and accept new registrations for 2017-2018. More details are set to be announced in the coming months over at the fan club site.

A collaboration with baseball team Rakuten Golden Eagles is also in the works and there are rumours of a new artbook containing new drawings from Naoko Takeuchi.

What are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments section below!

Image sources: Sailor Moon Official Website, Premium Bandai, Shiseido Maquillage.


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