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Street Food in Myeong-dong: The 5 That You Must Try

SEOUL, South Korea – Myeong-dong is an area known for its beauty products. From sheet masks sold in bulk down to the latest cushion makeup, it is where people go for a serious bargain. It is definitely a busy shopping street so it’s no wonder that it has attracted hordes of food vendors looking to feed a hungry crowd. Thus, it has also become a street food hot spot.

Along with beauty products, Seoul does street food just right. While some of the stalls do sell gimmicky food – like the multi-coloured cotton candy that no one can ever finish and only leaves you with sticky hands –  there is quite a lot that is actually worth your Won. Taking your pick from several options can be quite a daunting task. So, here’s The Binge’s list of the top five that you must try to help you get started on your street food jaunt.

Roasted Lobster with Cheese

The gold standard when it comes to street food in Myeong-dong has got to be the roasted lobsters served with cheese. Although it’s on the more expensive side when it comes to street food at KRW15,000 (USD12.66), it is simply worth it as you get quite a generous serving.

Roasted-Lobster-With-Cheese-Myeong-dong-Street-Food-Street Food

The lobster meat, along with the cheese, melts in your mouth as it touches your tongue. The flavour is just amazing and is enough to make you forget about shopping even for just a while.

Korean Fried Chicken

Another thing Korea is famous for is their version of fried chicken. Korean fried chicken became popular right after the war in the 50s and is locally called, ‘yangnyeom chicken’. Double-deep fried and tossed in flavours like soy garlic or sweet and spicy, it’s no wonder it’s becoming so popular in other countries.

In markets and shopping streets like Myeong-dong, the chicken is usually served in a cup along with some rice cakes. You eat using sticks which turns out to be quite convenient as you wander around looking for your next purchase. A small cup is sold at KRW3,000 (USD2.53).

Tteokgalbi Meatballs

Tteokgalbi-Meatballs-Street-Food-Myeongdong-Seoul-South-Korea-Street Food

The Tteokgalbi is a classic Korean dish made out of meat from beef ribs. The meat is minced and pounded while attached to the bone for extra flavour. It’s then marinated in a sweet, savoury sauce before being rolled into balls for deep frying. You can also choose whether you want it spicy or not.

Grilled Scallops with Garlic and Cheese

This definitely catches the attention of a lot of people since it’s considered quite ‘fancy’. Scallops are taken from a water tank and torched right then and there for freshness. Then, they are topped with a pinch of cheese for flavour. This is very popular during the winter season so the wait time can be quite long.

Baked-Scallops-Garlic-Cheese-Street-Food-Myeongdong-Seoul-South-Korea-Street Food

Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate

For dessert, opt for the strawberries dipped in chocolate – something a little bit healthy, yet still quite decadent. A piece will set you back KRW1,000 (USD0.84). You’ll need two to cap off  your street food journey, or between three to five if you’re trying to satisfy a serious craving.

Strawberries-Dipped-Chocolate-Myeongdong-Seoul-South-Korea-Street-Food-Street Food

Oh and before we forget – make sure to go around 6pm to get first dibs on the food. You also get to see the vendors setting up!

Any favourites from Myeong-dong you’d like to share with other readers as well? Leave them in the comments section below!


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