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Holiday Decor: 5 Ways to Stay Within Budget

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – The holiday season is always a good excuse for a little bit of home decorating. While it’s fun to spruce things up a bit, it tends to rack up a pretty hefty bill. Thankfully, there are easy ways to get around this, allowing you to make your home a little more festive without breaking the bank.


Decide on a colour scheme that will not clash with your home’s major pieces

While red and green are popular holiday colours, do check first whether they will go with your current furniture and decor. You don’t want to end up buying a new sofa set just so it matches your green theme for the year.

There are also options to add holiday cheer to your home without going for louder hues. Decor that comes in white, gold, or other neutral shades are slowly becoming more popular.

We are loving IKEA‘s holiday dining pieces that come in grey and white – from placemats to napkins  – which will save you from the huge load of laundry post-celebrations. It’s also a lot more relaxed when you keep your celebration casual.

The tiniest details make a difference

Keep in mind that you don’t need to make huge changes in your home to spice things up. It can be a change in the colour of your throw pillows or an addition of a small holiday element or two on your coffee table.

A different tree, a different year

When buying ornaments for your tree, don’t just think of this year. Always think of how you can use it for the next couple of years just by adding a few more embellishments instead of having to change the whole look and feel of it.

You can always start with a tree that’s all gold, then add red to it the following year to shake things up. This way, you extend the use of your decor by more than a year before going for a complete overhaul.

You can get gold Christmas balls for your tree at IKEA where they sell them by the pack. They also have a star for the top of your tree that you can definitely reuse, as well as a pack of red decor.


When going for a theme, it is also best to incorporate items that you already own. Are you a big Star Wars fan? Go rogue (pun intended) on your decor this year, and use some of your collectibles.

Do a little bit of DIY to keep it personal

It is true that you always run the risk of having the same decor as a lot of people when you buy from chain stores. However, this is where your creativity can have some input.


Use an artificial wreath along with some festive candles, and maybe even a ceramic Santa to spice things up on one of your console tables. Add a couple of extra baubles from your tree – and voila! Something unique without spending a ton.

The good thing about this is that you can also change it up for the year ahead.

Repurpose your decor

Learning how to mix and match items in your home, and even in your wardrobe can save you a lot of money.


Whatever you use (or don’t use) on your tree can also be used in DIY decor that you can make from simple items. Photographed above is a dining centrepiece made out of extra Christmas tree balls and acorns along with red scented candles from IKEA. 

The brass plate is also from IKEA and can be used as a base for decor on different occasions as well. The possibilities are endless. The only true limit it is your imagination!

Photos by Judy Young.


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