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Last Minute Shopping? Affordable Christmas Gifts for Kids from IKEA

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – IKEA has always been synonymous with sleek and minimalist, yet affordable furniture. This year, they’re extending that beyond their regular range and Christmas decor.

The Let’s Play For Change campaign is their way of giving back to the community through sales on selected items from the children’s section. We’re all going to be spoiling the little ones rotten anyway, so why not teach them to give back while we’re at it? And quite frankly, the items pegged to this campaign will make you want to give them an extra gift or two just because they’re too good to pass up.

Not only is the selection tasteful and affordable, but the range is more extensive than we thought. It’s just an added boon that a portion of the proceeds (€1/RM4.60) goes to a worthy cause until the 24th of December, 2016. The goal of the IKEA Foundation is to create safe spaces for vulnerable children, and a cursory glance at the news will show you just how necessary a cause this is.

While we found the Leka Baby Gym (RM129), Ekorre Rocking Horse (RM159), and Duktig Cash Register (RM59) hard to resist, these are our top picks for what you should consider picking up on your next trip.

Cirkustalt Children’s Tent (RM59.90)

Not only is this perfect for a child to play in, it would make a great reading nook when they get older. Pop a few pillows, or even a beanbag in there, and it’s a nicely contained and private area of their own.

Mala Easel (RM79)

Let’s be honest, you want this too. This isn’t just perfect for the budding artist, it actually makes a great menu board to make mealtimes at home more fun! Pick up the Mala Chalks (RM5.90 for 9 pieces) to go with it, and you’re all set to run your own in-home cafe. It’s a great option for playing games like Pictionary on, or just getting a secret educational tool in by encouraging writing and counting with daily activities for your child.

Jattestor Elephant Soft Toy (RM59.90)

We love how big and soft this is! This would make a perfect gift for an expectant mother, as well, so that she can chart the growth of her baby with this as a size reference in the monthly photoshoot that she will undoubtedly partake in.

Lillabo 20-Piece Basic Train Set (RM59) 

Unfortunately, the majority of battery-operated train sets for children are monstrosities to put together because they overcomplicate things. This set allows you to reset the track routes in multiple different ways, and allows your child to move the trains physically, instead of sitting there inert. The interactivity factor of this has our vote as train sets really shouldn’t be a spectator sport.

Sagoskatt Bacterium Soft Toy (RM23.90)

The entire Sagoskatt range is adorable because they’re plush toys designed by kids for kids. IKEA chose 10 designs submitted by children to turn into real toys, and for that reason we love it even more. This, along with the dinosaur, are our absolute favourites! What better way to teach your child about bacteria!

Duktig Play Kitchen (RM389)

Nothing recommends this more than the fact that we feel we can get an identical kitchen for ourselves at IKEA. Pair it with the Latsas 12-Piece Shopping Basket (RM29.90) or the Grattis 5-Piece Serving Stand with Cupcakes Set (RM29.90) and your little Masterchef is good to go!

Mula Abacus (RM49.90)

We picked this because it’s a gift that could span across age ranges. For babies, it could help with fine motor skills and colour recognition, while toddlers and tykes can learn to count with it. It’s also beautiful, which means it may just land on our accountant’s desk for Christmas!

On top of the portion of proceeds going to the IKEA Foundation, you can double up your contribution by actually buying gifts and furniture for children in need. For more details, check the IKEA website.

Pictures that are not watermarked are courtesy of IKEA.


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