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The Mother of All Previews: Big Bad Wolf 2016 Walkthrough

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – At this point, everyone’s excited for this year’s Big Bad Wolf Book Sale and with just a day and a couple of hours to go before the doors open for the public, we at The Binge thought about giving you the best preview of the sale you could possibly get. A sneak peek on which titles are available and where you can find them!

We were able to visit the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) as the Wolf’s team were busy getting ready for their biggest event ever. Going through this maze of a sale can be quite daunting – especially with four million books throughout the whole venue. So let this rough guide help you out in planning your path. We promise, seeing the books will make you even more excited!

As soon as you enter, you can get your trolleys from either side of the entrance. Yes, this year, there will be trolleys for your disposal. The Wolf himself told us that he and his team made sure that the alleys around the tables were made wider this year to accommodate the trolleys and make shopping easier for everyone.

On your left will be the Children’s Section as well as the Young Adult Section featuring books that kids and pre-teens will certainly love. Spot some titles that you’ve been looking for below:

On the right side of the entrance brings you directly to an assortment of interesting items such as the Star Wars Droid factory book featuring BB-8 and R2-D2 on the cover as well as an assortment of other popular titles. If you have quite a special youngster in your life who deserves a really good gift this year, we spied a complete collection of the tales of Peter Rabbit – all 23 books!

In the middle of these two sections is the Premium Books area where the Wolf will be keeping all the ‘best books money can buy’. These are premium and rare selections – some are not even available in Malaysia and can only be bought through eBay!

The Wolf was nice enough to show us one of the things that will be available at the premium section and it’s the Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design, the perfect reference for any graphic designer or enthusiast! 

The Chinese section comes right after, on your right. This is actually the first year that the Big Bad Wolf is having Chinese books at their sale.

On the other side of the Chinese section comes the Fiction books which usually draw a huge chunk of the crowd. This year, we saw a lot of classics that would make anyone who wants to build up his or her library happy. Popular titles such as The Hunger Games are making a comeback and graphic novels like the The Death of Archie: A Life Celebrated will also be available.

Right beside the Fiction books, on your left, are the storage area for your purchases, the gift section (books with extras), and a café by Barista Guild Asia and Madeleine Patisserie, Café and Bistro where you can actually sit and refuel before going back in the fray for some more shopping.

It’s going to be an IKEA-style type of café where you go pick out as much food as you want and pay for your haul at the cashier. Here’s a menu to help you plan what you want to eat and drink during the sale:

From the Fiction section, walk towards the middle part of the venue to find the Non-Fiction titles. Of course, there are books on cooking and baking, history, gardening, some memoirs, and even a dedicated table for adult colouring books.

As usual, at the far end of the hall, after the cashiers, you will end up at the Curious Corner where all the posters and other cool knick knacks can be found.

Hope this helps in your book treasure hunt! Let us know if you saw some titles in our photos that you’re looking forward to getting!

The Big Bad Wolf Sale runs from 9 – 19 December, 2016 at the MIECC, The Mines. 


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