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10 Things We’re Looking Forward to on Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Only a few days to go before we’re reunited with our favourite mother-daughter dynamic, and The Binge HQ is definitely buzzing with excitement over the Netflix revival of one of the best series this generation has seen – Gilmore Girls

In Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life, not only will we get our Stars Hollow fix; questions will be answered (hopefully) as well. Before anything else, here’s the official trailer to get you in the mood and to catch you up on some of the points we’re talking about:

Hey, November 25: COPPER BOOM.

Posted by Gilmore Girls on Tuesday, October 25, 2016

We’ve listed the 10 things we’re looking forward to seeing in this much-awaited revival. Let the countdown begin!

10. Did Kirk ever move out of his mom’s house?

Kirk was definitely an acquired taste in the show. Sometimes endearing, mostly annoying, he did bring some comic relief into the show. Here are some things we want to know though – did he ever move out of his mom’s? Is he still with Lulu? Did he ever get a full time job or is he still the town’s all-around guy?

How the hell did he get an invite to a Gilmore Friday night dinner?

9. How’s April Nardini doing?

Sorry not sorry but it’s practically impossible not to get annoyed with April’s timing on the show. She did, unintentionally, break up Luke and Lorelai (again). However, as the show progressed, people started getting charmed by Luke’s surprise love child.

Vanessa Marano has definitely grown out of her awkward stage, but we’re more curious about whether she’s now well on her way to becoming a world-famous scientist or an Olympic swimmer.

8. Christopher. Not.

It has been confirmed that David Sutcliffe’s character is making a comeback in the revival, but we’re hoping that it’s only to say goodbye. For good. Nobody liked his timing and we all have to agree that he’s not good for Lorelai, or even Rory.

7. Mr Kim

Lane often referred to her ‘parents’ on the show but in the key moments of her life, only her strict (read: scary) mother was there for her. Where is Mr Kim? Keiko Agena was caught off-guard at the Gilmore Girls Festival cast panel where she gave a sly answer to the reporter that shot her the question – “Kevin, you promised me!”

She said that with a fake-annoyed tone, so there must be something in there. Right? Right?

6. Rory and the Obamas

Will the first family make a cameo? At the end of Season 7, Rory went on to cover then Senator Barack Obama’s campaign for presidency. ‘Lo and behold. He won! Did Rory end up becoming a White House correspondent?

Just a couple of girls talking about books…

Posted by Gilmore Girls on Friday, June 24, 2016

We did see a promo video posted by Netflix in June where Rory was seen hanging out with none other than FLOTUS herself – Michelle Obama. Granted that it was a promo for Mrs Obama’s Let Girls Learn Initiative and her new Snapchat account, but still – can’t that mean something?

5. Luke and Lorelai?

Luke and Lorelai are indeed together, according to the trailer released by Netflix – but are they happy? It doesn’t seem like Lorelai is sure. We definitely need confirmation that the couple we’ve been rooting for since 2000 will live happily ever after. How will Paul Anka ever take it if they break up again?

Behind the scenes with a very special Stars Hollow citizen.

Posted by Gilmore Girls on Friday, October 28, 2016

4. Richard and Emily

With Edward Herrmann’s death in 2014, it is rather obvious that his well-loved character won’t be coming back for A Year in The Life. Everyone has wondered how his death would be handled in the revival and some answers were given in the trailer. We’re given snippets of a grieving Emily wearing something we never thought we will see on her – denim jeans!

Will Emily get over her husband’s death? The girls are still having their Friday night dinners so that’s definitely a comfort.

3. The best supporting cast ever

Who doesn’t love Michel? The often sarcastic concierge of The Dragonfly Inn. Surely, everyone’s looking forward to seeing him and hearing his comebacks.

How do Lane and Zach’s twins – Sebastian and Bach – look now? Are they showing interest in music? Are they fans of Hep Alien? Good news: They seem to have made an appearance in the second trailer! (Jump to 0:14)

How about Sookie and Jackson? Their kids Davey and Martha? Was their third kid a boy or a girl? We also can’t wait to hear the latest town gossip from Ms Patty and Babette!

2. All the Rory questions must be answered!

Why doesn’t she have a job in the revival? Whatever happened to the then obvious eventuality that she would move to the New York Times? In life, nothing ever goes according to plan and it seems Rory was no exception to that rule. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of soul searching but will she end up becoming one of the country’s top journalists? Has she already gotten there and then messed it up? Or, is she just taking a break?

Of course, everyone’s also looking forward to the return of Rory’s three great loves. Will she end up with any of them? Will there be a new guy? Are you Team Dean, Jess, or Logan?

1. The Last Four Words

Come on. You knew this was going to be number one. Every true blue Gilmore fan knows that the original creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, has repeated time and time again that she’s always known what the last four words in the series will be. We never found out though as she left the show by the end of the sixth season.

Finally, we’ll be able to find out with her return as executive producer. Any guesses? Here are ours:

Lorelai: More coffee?

Rory: Yes, please.

Bonus: Paris Geller! Of course, we can’t just forget about the character everyone loved to hate. Admit it, she did become quite endearing during their time at Yale.

Let us know what you want to see, or if you’ve got any guesses for the four final words, in the comments section below!

Photo in header from Netflix.


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