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Alphabet dUCk Scarf: 4 Chic Ways to Wear One

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – A lot can be done with a scarf, but here at The Binge we love it most for being an outfit’s instant pick-me-up. That’s why, when an invite for the unveiling of dUCk‘s new collection arrived, we made sure we were there to capture the launch of these new, limited edition fashion and lifestyle pieces .

The Alphabet dUCk collection features 26 fun, monogram-style designs of scarf and lifestyle products – one for each letter of the alphabet. These are featured on a range that includes scarves, bags, notebooks, and twillies.

Vivy Yusof, co-founder of Fashion Valet, is behind this successful lifestyle brand. Along with ‘D’, the anonymous yet relatable character that narrates the story of each collection, they make a team that has Southeast Asian women hungry for their premium scarves (and now stationery), as well as home and living items.

At the launch, we sat down with dUCk General Manager Kho Min Jee to talk about the dUCk brand and their products.

Kho stressed that dUCk scarves are not just for women who wear them as a hijab (head scarf) but emphasised the versatility of the scarf as an accessory that can be used to dress up different aspects of an outfit as well.

“It’s an accessory that can be used for almost everything,” she said. “This is part of the reason why we don’t come out with instant scarves. We want to give people the freedom of using them however they want.”

“A dUCk girl is a city girl starting out in life. It’s an urban brand for chic, urban women who are classy, friendly, and stylishly subtle,” she added when asked about the brand’s target market.

At The Binge, we decided to take our cue from Kho to take on this sartorial challenge!

Using one of the Alphabet Collection’s pieces – the letter ‘C’ in a pastel pink and blue combo – we share some of our favourite ways to brighten up a monochrome outfit with the one scarf.

The Neckpiece

When you want a little more oomph and a necklace just won’t do, this style can make your basic white tee look a lot more expensive:

Fold your scarf diagonally into a triangle, roll the lengthier side towards the tip to make the scarf longer, then drape it around your neck before following these steps. Go from left to right.


Take both ends and loop them around your neck. Then, tuck the ends underneath, fluff the scarf up a bit and voila!


The Flight Attendant

This is a classic look for those days when you want to look a little more put-together:

Start by folding the scarf diagonally and rolling it towards the triangle’s tip. Drape it over your neck so that one end longer is than the other. Pick up the longer end, sliding it over the back of your neck then bring it back to the front.


Make a simple knot then hide it by tucking it under the loop you made earlier. Easy!


The Infinity

Infinity scarves are so classy but the permanently circular mechanics of one simply limits the ways in which they can be worn. This makes them not so great for versatile styling. Our solution? Faking it!

We start, once again, with the diagonal fold and roll followed by draping it over your neck. We then move on to these easy steps:


The colour combo of this scarf is perfect for a relaxed, sunny day out!


The Bag Accessory

Finally, we move on to using our dUCk scarf as a bag accessory. Tired of using the same old bag? You can always dress it up and make it look fresh and exciting for your latest #OOTDs.

This time, we’ll be starting out differently – we fold it in half, then just keep folding it lengthwise until it’s about 4 inches in width. We then loop it onto our bag handle as shown below:


A brand new (looking) bag without the extra cost! It’s a lot more fun when you regularly switch up the scarves you use, too!


Got any scarf styling tips and tricks you want to share with The Binge? Leave them in the comments section below!

The Alphabet Duck Scarves are now available for preorder through this link.

Photos of scarf styling by Judy Young.


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