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Park Shin Hye’s Secret to Flawless Skin

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – If Park Shin Hye (star of Doctor Crush) is a foreign entity to you, then you’d better get on board right now because she is Korea’s ‘It Girl’. This means that she will be taking over your news feed with abandon sometime soon – if she hasn’t already.

In a move that sent what seemed like the entire Malaysian population to 1Utama, she made an appearance to lend her name to the launch of Mamonde Flower Day. It’s here that we got a sneak peek into the secrets that launched her flawless skin into the limelight.

Park Shin Hye for Mamonde

In an age of manufactured beauty, here we have fresh-faced Park Shin Hye whose beauty is unadulterated by the knife. So, just how does she maintain her impeccably natural beauty without adhering to the norm of fabricated perfection?

Park Shin Hye for Mamonde

Her secret lies in being dedicated to keeping her skin properly hydrated and moisturised. With the harsh temperature extremes in South Korea, it is understandable that these aspects of skincare would be integral to ensuring that her skin retains its ethereal quality.

Hydration Is Key

When we say hydration, we’re talking about it from every angle. From a skincare perspective, drinking enough water is just as important as using the right essence and/or face mist for your skin. No matter your skin type, water will help mitigate any skin problems drastically. In tandem with adequate consumption of fluids, topical treatment is essential as well. There are a whole host of products out there for every concern imaginable, and if you do anything, you should get an accurate gauge on what your skin type is. This will allow you to pick the right products for your specific concerns, be they dehydration, oily skin, or the myriad of other issues that plague our skin.

Park Shin Hye embodies the ability to look luminous without appearing greasy and we could take a page from her beauty book. To achieve the skin that we covet Koreans for, it’s important to invest in a good range of skincare that enhances a natural glow, yet suppresses any excessive shine. Whichever way you go, do pick out a good mist that will keep your skin feeling comfortable and hydrated.


Not All Moisture is Created Equal 

With moisturisers, the misconception is that the thicker it is, the more moisturising it is for you. This is absolutely untrue. Once again, what you choose should be dependent on your skin type as opposed to what works for your neighbour’s best friend’s cat. One of the main concerns with moisturisers is that you don’t want them clogging your pores. You’ll want to find something that complements the rest of your skincare routine. Keep in mind to be aware of the base ingredients in your essences, serums, sunscreen and makeup, because each product should mesh together seamlessly.

Park Shin Hye swears by the Moisture Ceramide Intense Cream by Mamonde. Formulated for dry skin, the inclusion of hibiscus extracts aid in improving your skin’s natural barrier. Couple this with the hit of glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells, and you have quite the recipe for imitating her skin. For those of you with more combination or oil-prone skin, Mamonde does carry a Moisture Ceramide Light Cream that isn’t quite as rich.

Mamonde is available at AEON in 1Utama and Mid Valley.

Photo of Park Shin Hye with Mamonde Ceramide Intense Cream provided by Mamonde Malaysia.


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