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Dry Shampoo: Tips & Tricks for Fabulous, Unwashed Hair

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Dry shampoo has been getting a bit of a bad rap lately: From causing dandruff to frying up hair, the horror stories are all over the Internet. So, is dry shampoo really bad for you? Or is it really the godsend that’s been known to make a good hair day last longer than it should?

At the local launch of Batiste (UK‘s top dry shampoo brand), we asked celebrity hair stylist Michael Poh about some concerns regarding the product, and we confirmed a long-running theory here at The Binge:

Dry shampoo isn’t bad for you – you’re just using it wrong.

Also, it is also best to keep in mind that too much of any good thing is never a good idea. People who complain about build up and dandruff may be using dry shampoo for too long, and skipping washing their hair entirely. Going for a whole week without a wash is not just bad for you, but unhygienic as well – with or without dry shampoo. Doctors recommend washing your hair twice a week, at the very least. But over-washing can bad for you too, so keep that to every other day and just use dry shampoo in between to keep your scalp from getting too oily.


Poh adds that people who complain about ‘fried hair’ would have sprayed the dry shampoo too close to their scalp and strands. It is important that you spray dry shampoo a little further away from your head – say, 30 centimetres (11 inches).

Now that the basics are out of the way, we’ll be sharing some tips on how you can use dry shampoo to give your hair a boost – even on days when you’ve washed it. Poh, after all, says it’s an amazing styling product as well!

Pump up the volume

Limp, thin hair? No one wants that! Poh recommends spraying some dry shampoo on before brushing it to fluff up your strands and increase volume.

You can also tilt your head down and spray the roots. Follow this by tossing your hair back up and tussling your locks. Then, get in there with your fingers and massage your scalp for an added oomph.


Add dimension and hide greys

With the arrival of tinted dry shampoo (gone are the days of THE white cast), came the option of adding a bit of hue to your hair. You can use this to add some dimension and keep your hair from looking flat or even hide grey roots!

No more clumped curls

Nothing says ‘unnatural’ more than clumped, curly hair. Spray on some dry shampoo before applying your mousse to keep them looking soft and real.

Lock backcomb and hair pins

Straight hair can be a nightmare to style – especially if it’s too silky and smooth. Getting your hair pins to stay put is also hard on days when you’ve just washed your hair so spray on some dry shampoo to add a bit of texture and body.


If you’re doing some teasing (back combing), best to spray some on as well to make your task a lot easier.

Refresh or reverse a style

Tired of yesterday’s braids but have no time to wash your hair? Spray dry shampoo all over and get in there with your paddle brush. Then, style as desired.

You can also use dry shampoo to refresh your style from the day before. Just spray carefully in sections and tweak. No wonder Batiste has christened their product as your instant hair refresh.

Keep your bangs from sticking to your forehead

And lastly, you can keep your fringe from sticking onto your forehead by lifting it up and just spraying dry shampoo on the back of the strands. Take that, humidity!

Batiste comes in 5 variants – Blush (floral and flirty scent), Cherry (a scent that’s fruity and cheeky), Original (light, clean, and classic scent), Divine Dark (adds a hint of brown to your hair), and Heavenly Volume (for extra volume). It’s now available in Guardian pharmacies in Malaysia.

Got dry shampoo tips of your own? Share it with The Binge community through the comments section below!


Photos without watermark provided by Batiste Malaysia.


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