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Dubai Eats: 6 Desserts to Try at the Shakespeare and Co.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – For people living in Dubai, one shop comes to mind for decadent pastries and cakes. Shakespeare and Co. is a chain of restaurants founded in 2001. It now has over 30 branches in the United Arab Emirates and over 20 abroad. Its presence is not isolated to the Middle East, with branches in the United States as well.

The restaurants share a name with a famed Parisian bookstore, but where the former is feeding the intellect, Shakespeare and Co. is feeding the souls of food-lovers worldwide.

While the dining floor looks and feel very Victorian, the menu features classic dishes from various cuisines. From rustic, Lebanese saj, to an array of Italian pizzas and pastas, there is an interesting mix of dishes from different regions.

But what really put Shakespeare and Co. on the foodie map is the mouthwatering selection of pastries and cakes. The dessert menu is extensive and deciding what to order can be a challenge so we rounded up the top 5 sweet treats to help you out:


Mogador consists of almonds, macaronade biscuit, chocolate sponge cake, chocolate mousse, and praline cream topped with roasted hazelnuts. This is definitely a must-try for chocolate lovers.

Mille Feuille 


A caramelised puff pastry with light vanilla cream. Sounds simple yet tastes truly decadent.

Lemon Tart 


Their Lemon Tart is made of sable dough, baked almond cream and garnished with lemon cream. It’s deliciously sweet but tempered by a slightly sour kick.


This one has a chocolate-cranberry biscuit base. If that isn’t enough to make you want a bite of it, wait till you find out what’s in it. Vanilla cremeux is joined by Amarena cherry compote, light milk chocolate mousse, and light manjari dark chocolate.



A blend of chocolate biscuit and apricot-mango-peach compote; mixed with fruit jelly, vanilla creameux and chocolate manjari mousse. A medley that never fails to make you want more.


The Melissa is a beautiful blend of almond macaronade biscuit, chocolate sponge cake, coffee mouse and coffee cream. If coffee is your love, this shall follow as the perfect sweet treat.

Visiting Dubai soon? Click here for a list of Shakespeare and Co.’s branches. The one at the Dubai Marina Mall is just divine with a waterfront seating area!

There you have it. The Binge‘s top 6 desserts from Shakespeare and Co. Got any favourites from this Middle Eastern chain? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

Header photo from Shakespeare and Co.


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